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On Traveling Solo to SE Asia

February 20, 2019 

Some things I learned traveling solo to Southeast Asia... in no particular order. 1) I’m brave 2) I’m stupid 3) I like myself 4) being alone can be lonely 5) I understand better how come I never did this when I was young. I wasn’t comfortable enough with myself. 6) women my age don’t travel solo. 7) I’ve met very few even young women traveling solo. 8) as a woman alone, I feel safer here than in the USA. 9) Americans generally seem gross, entitled and disrespectful. 8) I love being called ‘madam’ instead of ‘mam’. 9) Drivers have no respect for pedestrians. Crossing the street is the most dangerous thing I’ve done. 10) in my next life I might come back as a lesbian. The coolest, friendliest and most supportive people I’ve met are lesbians 11) it would be good to speak Thai. News flash: Everyone does not speak English 12) I am proud of myself. 13) I remember how I struggled as a single mom. I’m a survivor and know how to be poor. 14) Note to self - don’t forget your ATM card next time. Was hard to get money. Most places do not accept US dollars, and not always credit card either 15) older women are treated more respectfully in SE Asia than in the US. 16) I miss eating without worrying about getting sick 17) so many temples! One extravagant and amazing temple after another 18) I love monks in orange robes 19) people everywhere love their children 20) Loved sitting in cafes working on my book 21) This is my first book. Be gentle on myself. 22) consider carefully how much savings I want to spend in getting it out there. What is the cost/benefit analysis? Will it help anyone else for me to share my story? How many people will be impacted? Should I hire a publicist? 23) Don. I miss my husband and grateful for his love, support and generosity. 24) thanks to my dear friend Merry. I wouldn’t have done this without you. 25) Appreciate friends and family who followed along. I felt and needed your love and support. 26) Sarah Grace, your encouragement, love and support has been such a gift. Thank you. (27) There are so many languages being spoken. And very little is English. (28) I’ve seen so many variations of beautiful people. (29) Chinese travel in huge groups. (30) I love America but am so ashamed of what is happening. We are the laughing stock of the world. (31) From Taipei airport, by the time I get home, it will be yesterday again. (32) Feeling deeply emotional about coming home. (33) Thai are a kind and gentle people. (34) People bow to one another. It changes you to bow. In case I forget all this,I share these random thoughts with humility and gratitude,  Ilene

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