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About The Author


Born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, Ilene was the youngest of six, a tag end kid raised in the middle of a shopping center, as her father refused to sell the family home because he was almost done paying off 30 years of mortgage payments. Grocery stores and stores of every kind were built around their house. Because her mother was seriously ill most of her childhood with heart disease, Ilene was something of a lost child. But in spite of this, she was a free spirit, smart, cute, creative and spontaneous, her life fueled by an innate sense of optimism and determination.

Ilene was an early psychedelic pioneer, experimenting with LSD during a time when it was still legal, and its effects not yet fully comprehended. During the early sixties, she, along with an entire community of fellow trippers, innocently thought that they could change the world into one that valued love over materialism, particularly though the use of psychedelic drugs.

Years later, Ilene is now a licensed psychotherapist.  She helps people reunite with their innate wisdom, so they can experience more of the love, connection and happiness that she believes is every human’s birthright.  She helps people develop a deep knowing of who they are and what they stand for. 

This, her first book, is her discovery about herself and life, and her journey to become who she is today.  She is happy to connect with readers. 

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